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Psychometric Assessment Centre

Assessments for Better Insights.

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Better Insights, Better Intervention

In order to understand how a psychometric assessment centre can help you, let us first understand psychometric assessments better. Psychometric assessment or psychological testing is similar to medical testing, in the sense that they serve the same purpose. It helps the Psychologist or other experts to measure and observe a person’s behaviour or response to the test. Subsequently. the outcome of the test is used to arrive at a diagnosis and guide further intervention.

Psychologists use standardised assessment tools for each client depending upon their problems mentioned.  It can help in identifying learning and non-learning problems in children. It can also help in identifying behavioural, emotional or personality problems that children or adults might be facing.

How does Psychometric Assessment help?

Oftentimes, the underlying cause of a person’s problem might not be clear or evident. Further, some of the problems might be latent, or the person might not be very forthcoming. In such scenarios, a psychometric assessment can help the Psychologist to understand the true nature of the problem, and identify the optimum way to figure out the intervention.

Psychometric assessments, in most cases, are helpful in developing better insights, along with other methods of diagnosis such as clinical interview, observation, informal tests and surveys, medical records and so on.

Psychometric Assessment Centre of LMonk is the authorized partner of globally reputed organizations such as Pearson Global. We have expertise in clinical as well as talent assessments. Clinical assessments include psychometric assessment for IQ, personality, behaviour profile etc.

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Key Services

Assessments for Children

Learning Related

  • Intelligence test
  • Academic perfornance tests
  • Social maturity
  • Emotional & Behavioural aspects
  • Career assessments, and so on

Assessments for Adults

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Intelligence test
  • Depression, Stress, Anxiety, OCD
  • Personality assessments
  • Working Memory Assessments, and so on

Assessments for Corporates

  • Career assessments (MCMF, DAT)
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Personality Assessments
  • Assessments to support Performance appraisal process
  • Working Memory Assessments

How can LMonk help you?

The easiest way to give back is by helping the needed ones to reach out to the best. If you are a hospital administrator/ pediatrician/ psychiatrist/ neurologist or any clinical practitioner, and you think taking assessment or testing will help you with more accurate diagnosis and in the result of treatment provided by you; We, the experts of LMonk are always available for conducting psychological assessments and tests, and we are well equipped with resources to provide information regarding the test results. 

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