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Psychometric Assessments For Children

Know your child better

Psychometric Assessment

Mental health professionals administer several tests to uncover different areas of a child’s skills and abilities. This helps to understand and gain better insights about a child’s mental health and well-being.

A Psychometric Assessment contains standardized tools that helps to understand the Intellectual abilities of a child, neuro-developmental disorders, if any, his/her academic performance, and the child’s social, emotional and behavioral aspects too. These tools are administered and interpreted to form a comprehensive impression of a child’s overall functioning. The goal of psychometric assessment is to better understand a child’s strengths and weaknesses, social, emotional and behavioral aspects to identify the root cause of the problems which they may be facing in their day-to-day life.  

How assessment will help you ?

Psychometric assessments may help to understand a child’s intellectual function, why a child is facing problems with learning such as issues related to reading, writing, spelling, copying etc. It also helps to understand why a child cannot follow instructions even when the instructions are given multiple times, why a child can’t sit still, also his/her social, emotional and behavioral aspects etc. Many of the confusions related to a child’s overall functioning may be cleared with such assessments.

Psychometric Assessments includes tests to diagnose the underlying cause of the problems in the following areas-

  • Intellectual functioning (IQ)
  • Neuro-developmental disorders, (if any)
  • Academic performance
  • Emotional Aspects
  • Behavioral Aspects
  • Social Adaptation
  • Speech, Language & Communication
These test findings help a mental health professional to diagnose and plan appropriate intervention and treatment for the child.
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How can LMonk help you ?

Team of experts at LMonk like Clinical Psychologist, Psychologists, etc., carry out these assessments and interpret the results for each client. Based on the assessment and its diagnosis, treatment (psychotherapies) is started.

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