Game-based Learning

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What is Game-based Learning?


Game-based learning is the incorporation of game characteristics and principles into learning activities. Learning occurs as a result of playing the game, which encourages critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Game-based learning can be done with digital or non-digital games, and it can also incorporate simulations that allow participants to get a hands-on experience with the material. Employee engagement and drive to learn are boosted by learning activities. Point systems, badges, leaderboards, discussion forums, and quizzes are examples of game-based learning components.

Employees spend less time training and more time doing their jobs using game-based learning. Learning through games is a hands-on experience. Employees put information into practice through games instead of passively reading a guidebook.

Game-based learning systems are created to be motivating and engaging, encouraging employees to train on a regular basis and complete the games as quickly as possible.

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Key Features

-Provide employee Onboarding and Process Training

*Pre-Onboarding-Reduce Pre Onboarding churn by engaging with your employees early on in their journey

*Onboarding-Provide a memorable and personalised onboarding experience to your employees

*Process Onboarding-Enable employees understand your product and business process in a simulated and immersive environment


-Provide an immersive experience to your recruits to understand,

*Company History

*Company Culture

*Policies & Procedures

*Ways of Working

*Meeting Leaders

*Process Training


-Customise onboarding experience based on company

-Creating immersive and engaging office environment of your organization in the game

-Enabling virtual interaction with leaders and peers

-Learn Organisational structure and value chain for the recruits to understand the heirarchy

-Simulate a day in the life of a role and help your employees understand their roles and responsibility.

-A single repository of your organisational videos

-Platform Features

*Single Sign-On

*Secured Access

*Configurable Content

*Player Statistics

*Knowledge Repository

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  1. Less Training Time
  2. Cost-Effective
  3. Improved Learning Outcomes
  4. Increased Employee Engagement And Participation
  5. Ahead Of The Technological And Learning Curves
  6. Enhances Employee Perceptions
  7. Easy Progress Tracking
  8. Customisable game platform
  9. The platform features security, configurable content, single sign-on, player statistics and knowledge repository
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Why should I bother?

Game-based learning is a cutting-edge method of corporate training that saves both time and money. It will assist employees in learning, remembering, and applying what they need to know more efficiently. It will also assist companies in determining whether or not this is taking place. Employees will not find this training to be tedious or ineffective. Instead, they’ll be more interested in the subject, think their organisation is cool, and be more willing to participate in training on their own time.

How can LMonk help you with this?

LMonk is a platform that brings together many experts in the field of psychology and management, to enhance the human resource potential of individuals, teams, communities and organizations. The experts at LMonk combine the theories and applications of psychology, management and other behavioural sciences, to develop scientific and evidence-based intervention protocols for the positive promotion of the human mind and its possibilities.

LMonk already possesses this cutting edge technology at hand. The game developed by the experts is always ready for customising based on the organization’s needs. LMonk will be always available for companies to craft an immersive learning experience to help their team learn and perform better.

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