Teacher Training and Workshops

Sculpting through Teacher Training

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Why Teacher Training and Workshops ?

Teachers who have less appropriate training may be less capable of meeting the needs of their students, affecting the child’s overall productivity. Teacher training improves teachers’ ability to communicate with themselves. Regular training and feedback processes ensure that teachers maintain their current understanding of educational trends. As a result, teachers must be trained to be excellent teachers with excellent classroom management skills.

This program provides an opportunity to learn from a team of experienced facilitators about topics such as well-being and learning. Teachers will receive the knowledge and skills they need to meet the unique needs of children and schools as a result of the training.

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About Teacher Training

The program usually includes a workshop which is usually a short, intensive course, seminar, or series of meetings that focus on the interaction and exchange of information between a small number of participants. Teacher training workshops can therefore be viewed as workshops that help teachers develop and learn new teaching strategies, classroom management strategies, skills advancement, and more. In short, teacher training workshops provide teachers with a general opportunity for continued growth and making the most of their abilities.

With a panel of passionate facilitators, LMonk provides training and workshops for teachers. The facilitators from LMonk will mentor and guide you and make your training an enriching experience. The major topics of workshops will be teacher quality improvement, student management, problem identification, and mitigation. The workshops will help to facilitate the transition from theory to practice for child-centric learning. It also aids in the development of the ability to achieve curriculum objectives successfully through systematic planning and implementation. The duration of training will start from half-day to 4 days of workshops. The program will be interactive and activity oriented.

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Key Features of our Teacher Training.

1. The teacher training workshop of LMonk will provide an expert panel of experts, LMonk trainers, along with external experts.

2. Training duration will be 2 hour/ half-day or multiple days residential program.

3. Workshop themes will be well-being and learning aspects. Topics can include teacher quality improvement, student management, problem identification, and mitigation.

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Intended Audience

Teachers, Administrators


1 Academic Year

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Benefits of the Training.

  • Aid in improving teaching skills.
  • Explore new methods of teaching.
  • Teachers learn to improve their teaching methods, time management, and technical knowledge, and to better engage students.
  • Teachers are taught to encourage students to participate actively in activities that benefit them and to ask questions.
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How this Progam will help you ?

  • The teacher training and workshops provided by the expert panel of LMonk will instigate the interaction between students and teachers.
  • Teacher training programs urge teachers to discuss what constitutes good pedagogical practice and the training can have a long-term positive impact on teachers which makes them teach in innovative fun ways.
  • The teacher training programs empower students to use their creativity in teaching their subject while also using the most up-to-date academic knowledge. Through this, the overall productivity of the school will be steadily improved.

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How LMonk will help you in this Program

As there is an inevitable need for teacher training and workshop LMonk has an expert panel of various subject matter experts who are capable of giving you proper training and workshops in different subjects.