Screening and Assessments Program

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Why to do screening & assessments?

In the school, there are students who are high or average achievers, and they need very little or no support or help in their studies. But there are a few other students who struggle to read, write, comprehend, cannot understand basic concepts of math, etc. Because of these difficulties, their self-confidence and self-esteem are affected very badly. Teachers as well as students might not understand why it is happening or what are the correct methods to overcome this problem.  

LMonk School psychologists are equipped to identify such problems by doing the screening and assessments at school for the students who face difficulties related to their academics, emotional as well as behavioural aspects.

After a detailed understanding of the child’s needs and based on the screening reports, the psychologist makes an informed decision to undergo remediations and psychotherapies at the school level itself. In a few of the situations, if there is immediate intervention needed, then the psychologist will suggest a detailed assessment for the student. These screening and assessment tools give an idea about a child’s perception, thinking process, feelings, and behavioural aspects.

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Following screening and assessments are done at school -

  • Learning related problems
  • Inattention and hyperactivity
  • Behavioral aspects
  • Emotional aspects
  • Career Assessments 
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Benefits of the Screenings and Assessments

These screening and assessments help to identify students’ strengths and areas of improvement. It also gives an insight into their social, emotional, and behavioural aspects which plays a vital role in their overall development and school performance.  

  • The assessments are scientifically proven tools.
  • Assessments are interpreted by experts in the field of psychology.
  • The assessment report also contains intervention plans.


Psychometric or Psychoeducational assessments are typically helpful in finding underlying learning, developmental, psychological, and/or neurocognitive vulnerabilities in children that might affect their academic performance. Children with vulnerabilities are considerably more likely to succeed academically when these types of intervention and support networks are in place. Further, the end result will be the growth of every child and thereby the overall development of the school. The advantages of undertaking the assessments are,

  • The school gets the service of qualified and trained experts in psychology to conduct the assessment.
  • Some assessments can be conducted online.
  • The school will get a detailed report regarding the assessments.
  • Some tests can be conducted in group sessions so that time can be consumed.
  • The school will get insights based on the report and plan remediation accordingly and also LMonk can help to plan the interventions.
  • If the children need special care LMonk is open to providing them.

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Role of LMonk

As we know assessment plays an important role in identifying any underlying problems or vulnerabilities, which in turn may affect the overall growth of a child in the future. Therefore, it is very important that tests and assessments must be administered by a trained, experienced professional. Here at LMonk, we have a team of qualified and well-trained professionals to handle screenings and assessments for varied age groups for learning problems, intelligence, behavioural, emotional, career, and aptitude assessments. Along with this, the Psychologists provide reports of tests with recommended interventions by experts, if needed.