Working Memory Training-COGMED

An evidence based program for improving memory

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What is Working Memory?​

Working memory is the small amount of information that can be held in mind and used every day for anything and everything that we do. It plays a huge part in our ability to pay attention and concentrate.

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Why is it important?

Working memory aids children in retaining information and applying it. Concentration and following instructions both rely heavily on working memory. Working memory problems can impair learning in a variety of subjects, including reading and math. Working memory functions as a mental note pad for short-term information. And Working memory deficits make it challenging for children to grasp and retain new information. Children with weak working memory have plenty of other additional cognitive issues, including low IQ and deficiencies in key executive functions including monitoring and planning, problem-solving, and sustained attention, So it is very important to develop good working memory for the better development of every aspect of a child.

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Improvement in working memory and concentration creates a stronger foundation for learning. With this vision in mind, Lmonk has designed a program that helps a child to improve working memory, focus and attention

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Features of COGMED

The program uses CogMed which is a scientifically proven and globally recognized computer-based learning solution. This online training program helps to improve the attention, academic performance and behaviour of learners.

Highlights of COGMED

A 5-week training involving active and engaging exercises that uses a game design format. This training is based on scientific research in Sweden and is supported by an LMonk Coach. 

  • The program is based on scientific research in Sweden
  • Training can be taken at school, home or any of LMonk centres
  • One-to-one support from an LMonk Coach
  • Can be completed in 5 weeks
  • Active and engaging exercises using a game design format

How can LMonk help you?

Through COGMED LMonk can provide an intervention for the users to improve their working memory. This is radically a new approach in the scientific world where the clients could experience through the help of LMonk. LMonk can provide the necessary platform for the users so that they can work on their working memory training program. With an expert panel at hand, LMonk will constantly review and report the improvement of its clients and does the requisite actions.

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