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Remedial Tutoring

Filling the gaps through emphasis, consideration, and attention in our remedial tutoring program. 

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What is Remedial Tutoring?

Remedial interventions are designed to fill the gap between what the student knows and what is expected with respect to scholastic standards. Such programs are intended to provide remediation in the area of reading, writing, spelling, arithmetic skills, and so on.

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Key Services Provided

  • Cognitive enhancement therapy.
  • Brain stimulating exercises.
  • Worksheet-based learning programs.
  • Individualised Education Plan.
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How remedial tutoring works.

An individualized plan is crafted by professionals for each child as every child’s needs are unique. The tutor would work with the child’s learning style (visual learner, auditory learner, or tactile learner) and provide intervention accordingly. Each program is student-paced. Only after the child achieves mastery in an activity will the next activity be introduced. Instructions are short, simple, and delivered keeping the child in mind.

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Why opt for remedial tutoring?

Children who might be vulnerable, usually have difficulty grasping academic content. In such a situation, if children are they do not receive adequate assistance with their difficulties it will lead to developing mistakes from an early age which could prevail in adulthood as well. With LMonk’s remedial intervention program, the difficulties that the child experiences are examined, and assistance is provided accordingly by our tutors. The individual attention of the tutor from an early age for the child will help improve and ensure error-free learning.

What should I do next?

Children whom you feel require professional attention should be brought to your nearest child specialist/psychologist for evaluation. Based on their observation, an intervention must be given to them. If they require any specialized training then, a remedial tutor can be contacted. 

How can LMonk help your child?

Our team at LMonk are well-trained and qualified personnel of psychologists, educational therapists, clinical psychologists, remedial tutors, speech therapists, special educators, and so on. We offer a variety of methods for teaching and training children with special needs.

Want to learn more about this topic?

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