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Centre for Psychological Services

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Wellbeing matters

When we talk about being healthy, typically the focus is on the physical aspects of health. More often than not, the mental health aspects or the emotional aspects of health is overlooked or ignored. Moreover, people seldom realize that mental health is equally important and contribute to improved physical health. Mental health issues can make life difficult for people who have such problems, along with the lives of their family and firiends. At the same time, these problems can have a wider effect on the society as a whole, especially when it remains untreated or treatment is delayed.

In general, there are many misunderstanding or misconceptions and stigma about mental health issues in the society. As a result, many people who face such problems are often hesitate to open up or seek help from a mental health professional. Awareness about mental health illness is the key to eradicate such stigmas and misconceptions in the society.

Centre for Psychological Services is a division of LMonk that caters to the mental health and well-being needs of the society. This division is one of the sought after destination in the city for top clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and counsellors.


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Typical problems that we deal at our Centre:

For Adults

  • Personality Problems
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship Problems
  • Personality Issues
  • Family Problems
  • Marital Problems
  • Geriatric Problems

For Children

  • Learning difficulties
  • Attention related problems
  • Social aspects
  • Emotional problems
  • Behavioural problems
  • Speech, Language and Communication
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Key Services

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Why should we give importance to mental health and well-being?

Mental health and well-being is very important, as it plays a vital role in our day-to-day activities.  A healthy mind and body are equally important for a happy and prosperous life.  A happy mind helps to –

  • Cope with the stresses of life
  • Have good relationships
  • Be physically healthy
  • Work productively
  • Realize your full potential
  • Make meaningful contributions to your community


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