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What is Depression?​

Depression is a mood disorder that can cause a persisten feeling of sadness and loss of interest in any activity. It generally affects the way an individual feels, thinks and behave. It may lead to other emotional and physical problems too like in some severe conditions, the person may feel hopeless and worthless. 

Ocassional sadness is normal, but when this sadness, loss of energy and loss of interest in activities continuous for more than 2 weeks, then it’s a red flag which should not be ignored. 

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Key Symptoms

  • Feeling of loneliness, worthlessness, hopelessness
  • Loss of energy
  • Feeling irritated upon silly reasons
  • Disturbed (poor or over) sleeping and eating patterns
  • Not interested in doing activities which was earlier done enthusiastically
  • Have suicidal thoughts or attempts etc.

Why is it important to diagnose?

Depression that goes untreated is a major condition. Untreated depression increase the chances of risky behaviors like suicidal attempts, use of drugs or alcohol abuse. It can also ruin relationships in family and professional life.  may take more time to heal. So, it is very important to diagnose at the earliest and start the treatment from a mental health professional.

How can we help you?

At LMonk has a passionate team of experts in the field of Psychology who listens to the problems of the clients. Our process of treatment includes initial sessions with Screening and Assessments, Counseling, Psychotherapies like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Behaviour Therapy etc. depending upon the need of the client.

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