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What is Anxiety?​

Why do some people worry about something all of the time? Why is it so challenging to be stress-free? How do people handle it? How does family and friends react to stress and anxiety of a person? 

Worries, doubts, and uncertainties are all part of human life. It’s natural to be anxious. Anxiety may be referred to as the body’s natural response to stress. An anxious person always fears or worry about what’s going to happen next in his/her life. Anxiety is often differentiated from fear, as fear is an apprehension in response to an external danger while anxiety is internal feeling which you can’t stop thinking about.

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Key Things to Note


  • Feeling panic, restlessness
  • Feeling numb and tingling effect on hands or feet
  • Dry mouth, sweating, unable to stay calm
  • Cannot stop worrying or feeling anxious about something
  • Palpitations, Hyperarousal, Inability to relax, Irritability
  • Feeling of impending doom (when severe), Insomnia (initial)
  • Increased sensitivity to noise
  • Exaggerated startle response
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Why is it important to diagnose?

People with anxiety are more likely to remain isolated as they tend to avoid public or family gatherings. Prolonged anxiety symptoms may lead to suicidal thoughts or attempts. Some people may engage in self-harming activities, especially if they are not effectively treated.  Untreated anxiety may lead to depression any other mental health illnesses. So, it is very important to get diagnosed at the initial stage itself.

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Steps to Be Taken

Seek help from a mental health professional at the earliest. Psychotherapy (Counselling) or/and Pharmacotherapy (medications, if needed).

How can LMonk help?

The first thing that a person should if he is undergoing stress and anxiety is to seek help. First, from family and friends around him, and second, from professionals.
LMonk listens. Our team of experts like Clinical Psychologists and Psychologists along with other team members will help you overcome your anxiety with proper guidance and support.

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