Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Adults

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Adult ADHD- How to know?

  • Are you organised or chaotic?
  • Do you always procrastinate your tasks whether at home or the office?
  • Do you have problems focusing on a task, and get distracted very easily?
  • Are you a reckless driver?
  • Furthermore, do traffic jams make you impatient and crazy?

In the case that your answer to all such questions is “YES” then you may have Adult ADHD. Moreover, these are indications that you need to pay attention in order to lead a peaceful life. Many a time, such problems are mostly undiagnosed or ignored. People may not realize that the problems they are facing may be related to Adult ADHD and the need to deal with it.  Adult ADHD

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Signs of Adult ADHD

  1. Taking responsibility, being organised, and paying attention may seem like a herculean task for people having adult ADHD. On the contrary, they may be labelled as lazy or irresponsible by others surrounding them – their family members, close relatives, and even their colleagues.
  2. Procrastinating things or doing everything at the last moment may worsen the existing problems whether it is related to their workplace performance consequently even personal relationships. Despite wanting to do things properly but somehow end up messing things up.
  3. People with ADHD may fail to prioritize their daily routine activities which mostly affects their work-related aspects. Under those circumstances, they may spend hours on insignificant tasks or may spend very less time on important tasks, ignoring the vital points. Failing to prioritize things in effect may affect their personal life.
  4. Being inattentive and restless may create a mess around them. Furthermore, they may skip important points during meetings at the workplace or may forget important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. in their relationships with their loved ones. Above all, they show poor listening skills and get distracted very easily.
  5. Coupled with other symptoms, unstable emotions are another big problem for adults with ADHD, consequently it is very difficult for them to control their emotions. Henceforth, they may explode over silly reasons. Nevertheless, their anger may also fade as quickly as it flared before the other person can understand why he was angry.
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How can LMonk help?

Many such signs and symptoms might point to adult ADHD. These symptoms may have been present as a child and might have remained undiagnosed for years. As an adult, it might be very difficult for them to deal with such problems daily. So, if you feel that you are one of those people who are dealing with some of the above said problems, then get examined by a trained mental health professional and start managing your ADHD with their guidance and support.

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