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Career Assessment

December 6, 2022

Career Assessments For informed career decision-making Learn More Career Assessments Career assessments are tools that give insights into

December 6, 2022 | 798 views

Career Assessments

For informed career decision-making


Career Assessments

Career assessments are tools that give insights into an individual’s personality traits, aptitudes, and other skills required for selecting appropriate career options and career growth. It gives an idea about career-oriented personality traits and maps them with suitable career options. Career assessments are suitable for students who want to evaluate themselves for higher studies, as well as for individuals who are already working and wants to shift their job.

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Benefits of Career Assessments

This assessment gives insights about:

  • One’s personality.
  • Areas of improvement
  • Better self-understanding
  • Matches personality with suitable career options.
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Importance of Career Assessments

Career assessments help the candidates to remove their confusion and give a better picture of their strengths and areas of improvement. It also helps to understand their area of interest according to their personality. Other factors like level of motivation, values, responsibility, teamwork, etc. are also assessed.

Every individual has a different level of aptitude. In career assessment, candidates’ different aptitudes are assessed which gives a much clearer idea about how to move forward.

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Career Assessments provided by LMonk

LMonk is partnered with Pearson, a global leader in talent and clinical assessments. Career assessments done at LMonk are – 

1. My Career My Future

2. Differential Aptitude Tests

My Career My Future is a self-assessment tool that helps to make an informed decision about one’s career. If the candidate is in 10th or 12th std, or doing graduation, this assessment will help them reflect on their strengths, and areas of improvement according to their dominating personality traits. It also helps to identify a career path that matches your personality too.

On the other hand, Differential Aptitude Test gives a clear idea of one’s aptitudes in 6 different parameters Abstract Reasoning, Language Usage, Mechanical Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Space Relations, and Verbal Reasoning.

Both assessment reports are a detailed version of a candidate’s strengths, areas of improvement, personality traits, and aptitudes. Based on these reports, candidates may get help to make an informed decision about their future. 

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