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Language Disorders in Children

Language is Power

What is Language Disorder?

Difficulty in understanding the meaning of words when it is spoken, written or even gestures. Mostly, infants can understand what adults are saying even before they start talking. As they grow, children learn to express their feelings into words. But some children struggle to understand the pragmatic meaning of words that is said or asked to them. Such problems related to language is called Language Disorders. It has two types: Receptive Language Disorder and Expressive Language Disorder.

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Receptive Language Disorder

In receptive language disorder, a child faces difficulty in understanding words that he or she hears or reads.


  • Difficulty understanding what others say
  • Difficult to understand the physical gestures or actions.
  • Struggles to understand the concepts or ideas
  • Difficult to learn new words
  • Difficult to answer questions, especially “Wh” (When, Who, Where, Why, Which)
  • Following instructions

Expressive Language Disorder

In expressive language disorder, the child struggles speaking to others and also finds difficult to express their thoughts and feelings.


  • Difficulty in using words appropriately
  •  To express their thoughts and ideas
  • Naming objects
  • Struggles to tell short stories 
  • Reciting rhymes or poems
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About Language Disorder

Many a times, the cause of Language Disorder is unknown. Ability to hear, see, comprehend and retain information are the basic requirements for language development. This process may be delayed in some children, who finds it difficult to catch with their peers. 

Few causes of delay in language development, may be related to – 

  • Hearing problems
  • Brain injury
  • Damage of Central Nervous System (CNS)
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How can LMonk help you?

Any problem related to Speech, Language and Communication is dealt by a qualified Speech & Language Pathologist, otherwise called as Speech Therapist. LMonk provides the service of a qualified and experienced Speech Therapist who is specialised in speech, language and communication related problems in children. Sessions would be individualized or group therapies depending upon the need of the child. Generally, group therapies are planned to improve areas like socialization, communication, sharing etc. in children.

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