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Articulation Disorder

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What is Articulation Disorder?

Usually, children learn to make all speech sounds by 4 to 5 years of age, but few children may have trouble speaking clearly even after this age. Such speech sound disorder is called Articulation disorder, where a child faces difficulty in producing specific speech sounds.

More specifically, articulation disorder occurs when a child produces sounds with improper placement of tongue, exerts improper pressure and coordination, which results in this disorder.

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Types & Symptoms -

·         Substitution: Here, a child or adult substitutes one sound with another. E.g.: using “s” instead of “th” or “w” in place of “r”.

·         Additions: A tendency to add an extra sound to a word. E.g.: “belack” for ‘black’.

·         Omissions: Removal of a speech sound from the word. E.g.: ‘op’ for ‘hop’.

·         Alterations or distortions: The child creates an incorrect sound that does not sound like any other sound in the spoken language

Causes of Articulation Disorder

  • Injury to brain
  • Thinking or development disability
  • Problems with hearing or hearing loss, such as past ear infections
  • Physical problems that affect speech, such cleft palate or cleft lip
  • Disorders affecting the nerves involved in speech
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