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Career Decisions, Through Career Assessments

March 13, 2019

Career Assessments help students identify their suitable higher education and career choices.

March 13, 2019 | 376 views

Exams will soon be over. For many students, its time for higher education choices and career planning.

At LMonk, we help students and parents in their exploration, identification and decision-making process about higher education and career stream choice, that are suitable for each student.

Yes, we do undertake career and aptitude assessments. We use generally accepted assessment solutions, that are designed and promoted by global leaders in psychometric assessments, such as Pearson.
For students and career aspirants, we recommend two assessments,

1. Aptitude Assessment – to know where students stand in terms of aptitude and abilities such as numerical abilities, language usage, mechanical reasoning, verbal reasoning and space relations.

2. Personality and Interest based Career mapping – Interests and Values have an important role in a person deriving long term satisfaction from a chosen field. Basic and career-oriented personality traits are also key determinants for identifying preferred career streams/clusters.


  1. Know a student’s real aptitude, abilities, interests and personality
  2. Identify one’s strengths and improvement areas
  3. Assess one’s suitability to various career streams and clusters
  4. Take informed decisions about higher education and career choices, backed by scientific bases


  1. The desired tests can be purchased from our online store.
  2. Upon payment confirmation, the weblink for the assessment will be sent by email.
  3. Once the student completes the test successfully, an email will be sent with test report.
  4. Report Interpretation and Counselling can be provided by phone, or at centre.
  5. Alternatively, the test can be paid for and performed at our centre too.

You may checkout the following URL to understand more about various career assessments.

In case of any further questions, please feel free to call +91 902 030 4535 or email at, info@awesome-wright.3-108-147-123.plesk.page
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